Differences and Similarities between Christianity and Islam

Differences and Similarities between Christianity and Islam

Diversity is very imperative in all aspects but it is sometimes faced with a lot of challenges. Diversity in faiths and religions globally has helped in creating identities. However, there are some people in a certain religion who tend to dislike others, fear them or even threaten the new converts to that religion. This usually arises because of the fear of the unknown and the need to fight for one’s god. History has it that many people have been killed by being viewed as not sharing a certain belief or faith. Sadly, most of these religions have commonalities than people would believe. Currently, many countries in the world have passed laws against religious intolerance and persecution which is still a vice today. There has been lots of discrimination on the basis of religion where some people are denied job opportunities in spite of their qualifications because of their religious affiliations. A religious group feels their strength if they have a large group of followers hence if people start converting to another religion there could be problems. In countries where there are many religious groups sometimes it becomes very problematic especially when it comes to power and economics. This is because each group would like to lead in power. A good case at point is Nigeria where Muslims and Christians have been fighting over oil resources for a very long period of time. This shows that differences in religions can bring about problems and even violence. This study looks at the differences and similarities of Islam and Christianity from a neutral point of view. The two religions have exchanged many things and have been engaged in constant fights hence looking at their similarities and differences would set insight for the origin of these problems.

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