Difference Between A Scholarly Database And A Website

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Difference Between A Scholarly Database And A Website

Scholarly database is basically seen as a source of knowledge that is published or reviewed by a scholarly source that is recognized for instance a university publisher or journal. It is a massive collection of information or data that are fully indexed appeal to a specific audience, organized and have selected audience and allow a sophisticated searching of data. They are written by experts or professional in the field where as website is written by anybody regardless his or her expertise (Katz, 2013). On the other hand, website is networks of computers constantly changing, unstructured, no special audience and selection of content is provided. Additionally, website information is not limited to scholarly literature or professional and its information is seldom or not regulated by authority. Pfeiffer (2007) asserts that in database information duplication of the same information is normal. Information duplicate is not filtered out and same information may appear a hundred or a dozen times where as in scholarly database duplicate of the same information is well managed by filtering out there repeated information, (Pfeiffer, 2007).

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