Developing a Winery Cellar Door and Food Operation


Executive Summary

Wine production and selling in Australia is very promising based in the integration of wine drinking in the Australian culture. Developing a Winery Cellar Door and Food Operation. In 2015-2016, the domestic wine sales in Australia increased by 6.9%. To compete effectively in the wine market, it is important to identify a winery region. Rolland Winery region has more than 215,000 visitors annually with domestic visitors representing 95% while international visitors representing 5%.

Rolland Winery has a Private Dinner restaurant with a capacity of 20 people and offers special food with suitable wine for the customers and the Rolland Wine Bar & Restaurant that is open to all people and has a menu which changes once a month. The region has a Private Golf Course as well as a swimming pool for members. The region offer accommodation for the members only. Rolland Winery faces stiff competition from Henschke Cellars and Hentleyfarm.

The external environment factors such as economic, political, social, and technological factors are favourable to Rolland Winery in the market. Rolland Winery targets mainly people aged 30-60 years, domestic visitors, working class, and people who love drinking wine. Developing a Winery, Cellar Door and Food Operation. The company offers a wide range of quality products and services at premium prices.

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