Dealing with cyber crime reports

Dealing with cyber crime reports

Cyber crimes are criminal arising from the computer and internet. Internet crimes are should be reported as any other crimes to the appropriate authorities depending on the crime itself. According the United States Department of Justice, the authorities range from local to international levels depending on the scope of the crime. The agencies that investigates the domestic crime on the internet in the united state includes the Federal Bureau  of Investigations(FBI), United States Immigration and Customs Enforcements(I.C.E), United States Secret Services(USSS), and the Bureau of Tobacco Alcohol and Firearms (Government Accountability Office, 2011). These agencies have their headquarters in the Washington D.C where the agents specialize in particular areas.

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The steps taken immediately after the reporting of the cyber crimes greatly affect the chances of successful outcomes whether it requires prosecution for criminal offence or it requires the restoration of the damaged system to a secure service (Diva 2011). Whenever a cyber crime is reported the, agent should take down all the details which includes the date of the crime, the website and the computer that was involved.  This will help to avoid confusions and provide evidence where the case will involve the court.  The computer that was involved with the incident should be isolated and should be removed from the network, with the net cables removed, where the expert services from the organization should be sought.

The agency that the case have been reported,  should not alter the data on the hard disk and should be stored securely in the agency office safe as the evidence of crime to the court. The documentation of the computer should be noted and the information of the owner which ranges from the passwords and the details of recent activities but these details should not be taken from the machine itself (United States Government Accountability Office, 2013). Logs from routers, firewalls, proxies and mail web should be used to view the recent activities and the backups.Dealing with cyber crime reports  The Association of Chief Police officers principles (A.C.P.O) should be followed according to the Janet C.S.I.R.T, when handling computer based evidences.


Following the warnings of the former states defense secretary Leon Panetta, who had warned against the possibilities of attacks in the states systems that would cause havoc in the infrastructures, the companies called for legislation that would mandate new cyber security standards at a critical private infrastructures facilities such as pipelines, power facilities an the water treatment plants where the cyber attacks could have devastating effects (Government Accountability Office, 2011).Dealing with cyber crime reports  Panetta noted that it was important to have secured systems from the effects of virus attacks to the energies firms in Saudi Arabia and Qatar in the recent past attacks. According to Panetta, it was of great importance for the government to collaborate with the private sectors in providing information about malicious cyber activities as it was reported by the CNN Pam Benson (Diva 2011).  Panetta urged business leaders to work with government to support stronger cyber defenses.

After the reports of the Chinese hackers in the States Whitehouse in the nuclear department the U.S chief security adviser said that it was of great importance for the large economies that relied on the internet to drive their businesses to have an agreement to protect their systems by preventing crimes from the potential hackers in the countries such as china and also create laws that would prevent such attacks in the future.


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