Crucial Leadership Skills and Competencies

Crucial Leadership Skills and Competencies


Leadership in the human setups has been an issue of great concern following its great influence on the smooth running and efficiency of human activities. This concept has been highly considered in the business sector, whereby it is seen is one of the key pillars for success. In this regard, managers and other corporate seniors are required to adopt admirable leadership. This is not only aimed at ensuring smooth running of the organization and human management in the organization but also to ensure success of the organization. In the business world, various leadership styles are in place as well as corresponding leadership skills. Some of these styles include visionary leadership, transformational leadership and transactional leadership. All these forms of leaderships have been identified to have varied efficiencies and advantages to the business organization. Regardless of which style a leader adopts, he/she should be efficient in adopting the best leadership skills and competencies. The case of visionary leadership has been of great importance based on the diverse leadership skills it demonstrates. Some of the key leadership skills include; leading by example, passion, being organized, delegate and communicate efficiently. All these leadership skills are very essential in ensuring success of business organization based on the high levels of commitment attained from the leaders and their followers. In this case, the leadership skill of communicating effectively will be explored.

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