Critical Reflection of Young4eva Comestica


After a student has completed an exercise, Critical Reflection of Young4eva Comestica it is always good to look back to it and give a critical analysis of the whole process which includes how the exercise was conducted, what was covered, what was not covered, what was done right, what was done wrong, and what improvements can be done in future. In this reflection therefore, I analysed the exercises conducted in 9-11 week by critically analysing the theories used, usefulness of these theories, strategies successful in the scenarios, ethical decisions made in the scenarios, and what would have been done differently.

In addition, I give justification for this reflection. This exercise gives a reflection of my experiences and validity of these experiences in understanding public relations professional practice. This exercise also gives conclusion as well as my own contributions to the team’s responses as well as management of the crisis scenario. Critical Reflection of Young4eva Comestica.

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