Criterion Used To Evaluate A Movie: 12 Years A Slavery

Criterion Used To Evaluate A Movie: 12 Years A Slavery

Different movies have different evaluation criterion and this determines the viewers’ quality of the movie itself and how effective it was in the delivery of its theme. Themes makes the viewers have the flow of story and enjoy it. The argument from Brook says that criteria adopted by the reviewer will help to determine how innovative and creative the actors were, which will something that will help in captivating the audience interest concerning the movie (1). The question of which movie matters and how to define an influential or significant movie still runs across many of the reviewers since there is a conflict in determining the category to be adopted concerning movie evaluation. There have been different criteria suggest in evaluation of movies such as innovation, content, creativity and interesting cinematography. Aftab 12 years a slave is a 2013 British American historical drama adapted from the memoir of Solomon Northup, 1853 (1). The movie is about a New York Born Free black American, who had been kidnapped in Washington DC and sold off to slavery in south to Louisiana plantation in 1841.

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