crime reports and violence in Metropolitan area

crime reports and violence in Metropolitan area

Katz, C., White, M., Marvatian, S.  & Choate, D. (2011) A multi-city Report on Crime and Disorder in Convenience Stores, New Yolk: Arizona State University Press

There has been crime reports and violence in the occurring in the Circle K stores in the Phoenix Metropolitan area. This has been involving minor criminal activities and the victims have been reported to have been stabled or shot down.  The Centre for Violence and Community Safety at the Arizona state university reached out to several police department on the report of the official problem. The collection of data of crimes has been left officially to the police departments and the gatherings have been left to the Mesa and Temple Police departments though sometime they are considered inappropriate.

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There have been weaknesses associated with the collection of data by the police in that the amount of the offences reports that have been recorded is too low to generate any statistical power. The data that is collected sometimes may be not the actual offences at the stores but are committed within the stores environments but are recorded as the one actually occurring within the stores themselves. This s may be like the case where the traffic police officer pulls over a traffic violator for breaking of traffic rules and the crime is committed in the stores neighborhood but the recording is done as the one of the stores. This raises a concern of categorizing the crimes according to the damage or level of violence e.g. prostitution, robbery, assault, theft, drugs use and sales among others.

The Circle K stores have recorded the highest crime reports from their three branches in Mesa, Tempe and Glendale. Although, through the finding one may find out that the number of crimes and disorders incidents comprised the majority of the incidences that the police had responded to in each of the cities. In terms of the percentages of the crimes committed in these stores, statistics have revealed out that, crimes are higher in the Glendale City, followed by Mesa and Tempe consecutively.

According to the confounding factors that were proposed is that the crimes and disorders committed in the Circle K stores was due to their location since the stores are found within the communities where the crimes are likely to occur. crime reports and violence in Metropolitan Although by a closer survey, the statistics have revealed out that the stores that are located near to the Circle K stores did not experiences crimes similar to the Circles especially in Glendale and Tempe. These reports were revealed even with the use of a visual map.

It is important to use such reports in the study of this discipline since they gives local examples and the opportunity to learn from the local finding. This study have also revealed that the location of these stores have contributed greatly to the public nuisance.crime reports and violence in Metropolitan   The department of defense on the Arizona State should use such finding s to ensue more security ad cubing down criminal activities in this areas.

One of the recommendations to the above reports and findings is that security officers should be deployed within the stores to add security and analyze the criminal activities within these areas. Local law enforcing agents should also be used in the additional of security being provided by the sworn officers and other interested groups such as the private firms.crime reports and violence in Metropolitan The Arizona State University should be encouraged to conduct ore researches concerning crimes and giving recommendation about the crimes committed within the Circle K stores. This will be able to address the local security situations and giving recommendations. 

Pickens, J. (2013). Annual Security and Fire Safety Report. Arizona University Security Department, 1-39

The report have been prepared by the university Chief of Police, John Pickens who seeks to  explain the various reports on the annual security and fire safety within the university which are aimed at ensuring personal safety by providing the highest level of professional services within the campus community. This are to ensure that there is a safe and secure learning environment which allows ease of conducting researches and gathering reports.

The Arizona University Police department has been vested with the authority and responsibility of enforcing all local, states and federal laws and conducting criminal investigations within the university. This department has also been given the responsibility of safeguarding the students’ security within the campus as well as to create conducive environment for learning that is secure.crime reports and violence in Metropolitan This is ensured buy employing various security personnel’s who have qualified the specified formal training s within the police academies.

They also ensures safety within the learners by employing security staffs who do not carry light weapons but are mandated with ensuring security within the learners by handling and preventing minor cases and crimes since they are always into contact with the learners all the yearlong and in the whole day and night.  Together with the local security agencies such as the County Sheriffs, Arizona Department of Public among other bodies this agency is able to provide secure environment even within the campus surroundings as well as to safeguard the various researches being conducted by the learners and the university.

According to the article, the university security has also provided security reporting details that will help the security personnel to respond to the security matters within the university upon the reports of such cases. There has been hotline numbers that have been provided to the university community that will help them to alert the police officers or the nearing security personnel in case of crime occurs.   There has also been students’ directory which provides information such as emails, local and permanent addresses, and personal phone numbers of each and every student which helps in identifying the law breakers and in the reporting of such actions. This is updated e3ach time there are new enrollments are made within the campus.

This polices provided by the chief police officer of the university helps the learners to orient themselves with the necessary security measures within the campus and also to help them maintain the rules and the regulations of the university to ensure smooth running of academic activities. Such will help the students in the understanding the procedures that can be under taken in order avoid crimes such as sexual abuses and weapons ownerships within the campus.

In conclusion, this will help the students to understand the importance of security measures as well as to relate well with the university and the security personnel. Most of the learners do not understand the purpose of being in university apart from learning activities, and this information twill help them in conducting themselves accordingly. All these security details are also meant to orient the learners taking the criminal law courses on the objectives of this course and any other course relating to this.



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