Conflict Management

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Conflict Management

There are several ways through which managers can use the principles of effective negotiation and conflict management to resolve power struggles within health care settings. The very first thing for the managers to do is to discard the notion that they have a lot of experience in negotiating conflict and, thus assume that they are expert. Managers must also understand that each conflict is unique and can not be necessary resolved by the only ways they are accustomed to. In fact as Hoff and Rockmann (2011) observes, there are multiple ways of resolving a conflict and the choice of method to apply depends with the conflict at hand. This means that managers must be able to asses each conflict objectively in to understand which way to apply. The other principle is to avoid being emotional. Negotiation and conflict management will often involve heated exchanges, and thus, managers must hold their temperament. Emotional laden negotiations are bound to fail and probably leave the situation worse.

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