Conflict management in work place

Proposal: Conflict management in work place


It is necessary that in every organization, the employees work as a team. When employees pull together, they are able to achieve tremendous positive results. Unfortunately, in most organization managers have been unable to rally employees towards teamwork formation. Although there are many factors that can hinder employees cooperation, work places conflict is a major threat in team work formation. It is from this background that this paper aims at devising tools through which managers can use to manage organizational conflict. Conflict is a common phenomenon in organization management, and managers can only ignore conflict management at their own peril. There is no organization that is immune to power, politics and competition. As employees wrangle for power, they are likely to step on each other toe thus jeopardizing organizational teamwork. This is always to an adverse effect to organization goals. In order, therefore, to achieve organization goals managers must deal adequately with work places conflict through effective conflict management. Properly handled conflict will help the organization grow and change.

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