Components of problem oriented policing and their application

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Components of problem oriented policing and their application

There have been many crimes plaguing across the world and they keeps on recurring since the security agents focuses on the policing aspect rather than the means to end the problem itself. Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office (2013) says that, there have been various developed strategies towards solving these problems but the most know effective method is the problem oriented policing (P.O.P). Problem oriented policing is a strategy which involves the identification and the analysis of specified crime problems so as to develop effective response strategies in conjunction with ongoing assessments. This method focuses at eliminating the problem from its roots and ending it completely rather than waiting for the outcomes of the problem at later stage which is difficult to eliminate (Kelling, 1996). There are four components developed to help achieve this method Scanning, Analysis, Response and Assessment (S.A.R.A)

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