Compare Prosimian, Monkey, Ape

Compare Prosimian, Monkey, Ape

Prosimians, monkey and apes are all groups of animals that belong to primates, the apes and monkey are referred as simians meaning they are more developed than Prosimians which they traits portray them as more primitive than all. Prosimians generally are less advanced in both character and morphology and they includes lemurs,pottos ,tarsiers and others .they posses very unique characteristics that differentiate them from other primates  ,Prosimians consists a snout which is black  in colour and a unique strong sense of smell, also they have a highly enhanced sensitivity of retina enabling them to have an excellent  night vision, high number of species dwell in trees while  this is evident their hands anatomy They have large eyes and special adaptations of the retina that enhance their night vision. They grasping power of branches are less compare to that of apes and monkeys. The tail is long to boost balancing when jumping and moving. They are agile while in trees but are capable of leaping and running on branches hence they are quadrapedal.fpr their security they produce a number of calls for threat alarming or communication between members. They make very loud wails to maintain their territories.

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Their diets  generally is  not as much of dominated the  fruits compared to simians which majors mostly then fruits, thus they are mostly arboreal predators,  they hunt insects  and small animals in the environment due to their character of being nocturnal they give less competition to simians, therefore due their most noise they tend to depend more on their loud voice and  smell than their vision hence enabling them to distinguish foe and friends and what is good to eat or not, though they have five finger with nails they are not developed as those of that of simians.

Instead of using their hands to comb their hair while grooming they use their teeth called toilet claws, Prosimians have large brain but is less compared to that of simians.Compare Prosimian, Monkey, Ape In terms of reproduction they have two separate chambers of uterus unlike of simians which posses fused uterus chambers. Prosimians show less cognitive ability and mostly live in simple social settings compared to simians

Considering simians, they includes apes, monkey and hominids, Apart from gibbon, apes are seen to be larger than monkeys. Their backs are broad    and longer compared to their legs.  A large number of monkey have chests which are longer and broad, and posses  the same arm-length or a little bit shorter than legs. Intelligence makes a huge difference between these two simians, where apes are more advanced than monkeys that are comparable to Prosimians in terms of intelligence and capabilities. The advanced apes have capabilities that make them to use some signs language, make use of tools and show some skills in problem solving

Monkeys and apes are clearly different, despite common terminology often using the words as interchangeable. One thing both share in common, however, is a high level of endangerment and extinction threats. These animals have survived for millions of years and through considerable threats to their environments. People who would like to help protect them should contact a reputable conservation agency and ask about their efforts to prevent harm from being.

Unlike the monkeys the apes can live both in ground and in trees, monkey lives almost the whole life in the trees and have less live span of 30 years compared to apes that can live up to 60 years, apes appear to  longer almost an upright posture this enhance optimum swinging and jumping to different branches thus they can be said they are almost bipedal and usually posses no tail making it very different to monkey that posses a tail, and a short body structure and its tail is very essential as it acts as its fifth limb for holding and grasping trees branches hence monkey are said to be quadruped. Compare Prosimian, Monkey, Ape These simians share when it comes to feeding as both are omnivorous and mostly feeds on insects, plants, small animals but apes uses tools to play crack nuts and during hunting.

Monkey resembles other like the way apes human beings, as they get difficult in swinging from different branches while the apes does comfortably, this is because the monkey have different body structure enabling to only run comfortably  on top trunks and branches making their body structure to those of cat or dogs. However this both simians share some physical traits that include having forward facing eyes, and also flexible limbs. As mentioned above monkeys are more adapted to life on trees than apes however, monkeys can be able to use their arms in swinging on branches as apes can do. Hence, this is a form of evolution that mad now the apes to adapt ground life and monkeys on the treetops.

Mostly monkeys use their hands for eating, grooming, walking as their form of locomotion is terrestrial quadrupalism while e apes use both bipedalism and quadrupedalism locomotion but majorly bipedalism. Compare Prosimian, Monkey, Ape Female monkeys carry their young ones and the male maintain distances to guard the vicinity they lie down while resting an sleeping making something like nest for comfort they a simple social structure compared to apes that have a complex structure which helps in scare away  predators and to secure food resources hence walk in different groups.


They also shows parenting attachment ,young ones tend to remain close to their parents to learn and acquire some character from heir parents, unlike Prosimians apes depend on vision than smell hence have a well developed visual acuity   aide by forward-facing eyes giving them binocular vision and consequently perceiving depth. Apes have hairless faces unlike a number species of monkeys. Therefore, primates are usually generalized as the same animals, but they are very differently scientifically in they morphology, feeding, locomotion, body structure and functional characteristics