Class Paper- Research Exercises

Class Paper- Research Exercises

                               Topic 2: Legal Research – Koowarta v BjelkePetersen                 

  1. This was a landmark case that was decided by the High Court of Australia
  2. The citation (1982) 153 CLR 168 is a standard legal citation according to the Australian Guide to Legal Citation where (1982) represent the year of publication, 153 is the volume number that contains the law report, CLR is  law report abbreviation (Commonwealth Law Reports), and, 168 is the beginning page number. Round brackets enclosing the year of publication indicate that the case can be found in the volume represented by the volume number in the citation.
  3. The facts of the case were that, in 1976, John Koowarta entered into an agreement with the Aboriginal Land Fund Commission to purchase a lease of land in Northern Queensland. The Aboriginal intended to use the land for pastoral farming. The Queensland National Party government had a policy restricting Aboriginals buying leasehold land, and, thus refused to facilitate the lease.
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Koowarta v BjelkePetersen (1982) 153 CLR 168

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Racial Discrimination Act 1975