Child Welfare System

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Child Welfare System

Among the most challenging and contentious issues facing the child welfare system in the United States is the lopsided depiction of ethnic minority children. As it has been observed, the largest proportion of these minorities consists of Afro-American children who enter into the children acre system. With most of these children remaining out-of-home care being reported as being greater than their proportion of the nation’s population, high susceptibility of these children to mistreatment has been observed. According to Mitchell and Barth (2005), racial bias is one of the endemic factors to child welfare agencies in the child-care system in the US. The proportional growth of ethnic minority children over the last decade has grown higher than that of the white children. This rapid increase has necessitated the intervention of humanitarian human rights agencies to reinstate the welfare of these minority children who seem to be at the verge of various mistreatments.

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