change management team organization

change management team organization

Change Process


I am a full time worker at the Rolls Royce and aim a member of the change management team. I have been part of the team that is introducing the knowledge management change in the organization. The aim of the change is to see employees learning from each other by sharing their ideas and information online. The progress of the change implementation process is a proof that it is gradually accepted by the employees. The Alegent Health change evaluating model will be used in evaluating the implementation process and the impact of the knowledge management change in the company. In this case, information will be gathered from three large groups (decision accelerators) to generate strategies for the knowledge management project implementation. Interviews and surveys will be used in gathering information on how the employees progress with the change, what challenges they face, how they view the project in developing the organization, and what can be done to improve the program. The surveys will also help in evaluating whether the employees understood the benefits of the program. If people indicate that there are facing challenges especially in login in the website or in posting new ideas, these problems will first be solved in order to give enable them perform their duties effectively.

Pay to Unlock the Answer!

Additionally, employees who competently complete the program will be rewarded as a way of encouraging others to complete it. Interviews and surveys will also be used in evaluating the progress of the change in order to identify whether the intended purpose of the program was manifested in the practices of the employees.change management team organization After completion of the program, its impacts will be evaluated by seeking information from the employees related to the program. For instance, employees will be asked what they have learned from the program and how that has helped them in changing their perceptions towards the entire process.


During the evaluation process of the intervention, there are some positive and negative aspects that arise. One of the negative aspect was collecting information from a smaller group of respondents especially in matters related to what they learned from the program. Basically, when information is gathered from a small group of respondents, it may not be reliable. The other negative was cost and time. Collecting information through the interview method was costly and time consuming because some individuals were sometimes not within the organization and their feedbacks were of great importance. Some individuals gave irrelevant information through the survey method indicating that they were not happy with the change.

On the other hand, the evaluation process was effectively conducted especially through the survey method because a large number of employees were reached and evaluated. The questions asked were direct enabling employees to answer as required. Since the employees had been informed about the benefits and challenges of the program, they had started accepting the change. change management team organization When there were more participants through the survey method, there was broader participation; debates were more intense making the evaluation process to remain on track. The process of resource allocation to the program was easy because of the experts hired from outside the company. The rewards given to participants encouraged them to log in to the network as many times as possible in order to earn more rewards.


Work Out Suffolk County Council

I am a part-time worker at Suffolk County Council. I was hired for my organizational developmental skills as well as my expertise in introducing change. The problem facing the organization is increased spending. With more than 3,000 workers, the organization uses a lot of money and the spending nature is raising an alarm to the national government. I have brought together people from the organization who are aware of the issue and challenge them to develop creative solutions.

In order to solve the issue on spending, I have suggested reduction of employees and budget to some activities such as health and education.change management team organization Despite that employee reduction would not solve the problem completely because if 30% of the managers are laid off the organization would only save about $55 million while we have a deficit of $153 million, it will be a step further to reduce the budget. This meeting aims at empowering you people to implement these solutions.

Every individual has a role to play. The human resource manager will research on the number of employees and use appraisal method to weed out less performing employees, ghost employees, and redundant jobs. This will help in the creation of an organization that covers for its budget. The finance manager will review the amount of money paid to the employees and correspond them with their duties. The service provision manager will reduce the amount of money allocated to some services such as education and health and submit the updated file to the finance manager. This process will be implemented in a period of four months and at the end of every two weeks every participant will report to me on the progress of the project.






Unlike traditional teaming methods where problem solving teams meet for short period of time over a long time, General Electric work out is efficient because teams meet often to discuss issues affecting the organization. These teams are carefully facilitated by a senior manager in the work out. During the high performance session, internal experts and employee representatives discuss the challenge and recommend business recommendations.change management team organization Prior to adjournment of the work out session judgment will be rendered by relevant decision makers. This is known as accelerated decision making. During the implementation process, teams reconvene with decision makers to evaluate the progress at an interval of 30 days.