Change management creativity and innovation

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Information communication technologies have transformed the business world with increased virtual trading and adoption of online marketing as internet use increase to drive business and organizations. On of the major reasons why companies have opted for online marketing is due to the large number of internet users and this have enabled the international companies to enlarge their markets overseas. The most contributing factor to the shift in the marketing strategies is increased use of social media for socialization, communication and interaction worldwide which have attracted millions of users. Social media have enabled and enhanced business ideas and increased the sales as new products and ideas have been shared by millions of the users.
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Environmental sustainability and the consumers need socially sustainable products are external changes that have made Lipton to adapt to such changes.Change management creativity and innovation Consumers have preferred organically produced products due to association of inorganically produced products to poor health conditions in the current society. However, maybe one of the highest contributing factors to the adoption of new strategies by Lipton was need to equalize with competitors in the market who have been know to produce organic products and have been attracting large number of consumers than before.  Furthermore, the patterns of consumers’ taste of products have been observed whereby a consumer now prefers products associated with a sustainable environment.