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I am an external 20 year old girl from the Han community of Republic of China and I have come to New York City for tourism purposes and specifically to visit the Statue of Liberty   and the Ground Zero Museum Workshop which will be my home for one month. Being from the Han community and a follower of Taoism means that I do not force things to happen I just let them be what they are supposed to be, with not so much applied efforts to achieve them.BEST EXPERIENCE IN NEW YORK CITY There are diverse cultures in the New York City, something I am finding it hard to cope  with always since the lifestyle here tend to differ with what I have been brought up in my home land.  I have had a lot of difficulties trying to speak the American English since I have been brought up in a Chinese speaking nation with Japanese as the major foreign language and there are a few Chinese around here whom we can share using this language, but they all seems to have switched to English as their mother tongue now.

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Differentness scale below

How important was the situation to you? Relatively unimportant Important Very critical
How different were you? Very little difference Some  difference Great difference
Were these differences visible to others? No A little Yes.
Were there power differences? I was one up in charge Equal I was one down
Were you isolated from others similar to you? I had several others like me for support. One other person like me I was alone.
Were you stereo typed? I was treated as unique individual. I felt stereo-typed. There was direct evidence of stereo-typing.
Did the situation cause you to react emotionally? No emotional reactions I felt slight upset I had a strong emotional reactions