Article Critique

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Article Critique

Recent environmental conservation measures have laid emphasis on the need to manage the growing amount of waste that human activities produce. This can only be done by basing the environmental policies on the best available scientific evidence and on assessment of the comparative risks. In the journal article, effects of solid wastes composition and confinement tie on methane production in a dump, the authors regret that in developing countries illegal dump structures or landfills do not include methane collecting systems, even where the environmental laws require them to do so. The methane gas released has both health and environmental effects. In order to provide the solution to this problem, there is need to establish the exact data on methane emission.Article Critique The article attempts to provide the measure of biogas emission collected in a final disposal site located at Morelia (Mexico) together with an evaluation of the organic fraction and confinement time participation on biogas production. The researchers use a GEM-2000 plus portable analyzer to collect biogas emission in all the 49 venting pipes installed at the disposal site.

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