Argumentative Essay on Illinois gambling expansion

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Argumentative Essay on Illinois gambling expansion

The concept of gambling has over the years remained controversial among many people. This is so because opposing view points concerning the benefits and the disadvantages of this act have been perceived to be equal. Scholars and the world population in general have not come to consensus concerning the fate of gambling in the human society. For many, gambling has been identified as an evil activity which leads to a series of socio-economic problems. This point of view has however been opposed by supporters of gambling who see it as a valuable socio-economic activity. In precise, the issue of gambling has been warmly debated in Illinois, which has led to the passage of the gambling expansion bill. This bill seeks to see the expansion of casino to the city of Chicago. The passage of this bill has received overwhelming support from the public following the anticipated benefits from the gambling activities. On the contrary, a substantial population of the public has also shown their concern on the evils of the activity thus disagreeing with the bill. Nevertheless, it should be noted that the expansion of gambling is of great importance to the socio-economic and health status of the community. Gambling is a health social activity which will yield tremendous benefits to the people and the state. This paper will provide insightful ideas in support of Illinois gambling expansion bill.

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