Arctic National Wildlife Refuge oil drilling

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Arctic National Wildlife Refuge oil drilling

We are sitting on a valuable natural resource versus the area is an important ecological zones are the main school of thought shaping the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Oil drilling debate. The debate has largely featured politician, Oil industry and the natives who see salivate for the opportunities on one hand and the environmentalist on the other. The U.S house of representatives has Okayed the oil exploration in ANWR several times. After the 9/11, the need for oil independence heightened thus rekindling the debate. Supporters of the exploration argue that ANWR hold enough oil to free America from Middle East and Arab hostage and also claim the exploration will have negligible impact on the environment. Opponents of the drilling claim that the exploration cannot eliminate U.S oil dependence. They argue that the solution for the energy crisis is being sought at the wrong place since the future of energy lie in renewable sources and not fossil fuels. But of great importance to the environmentalist is the protection of the sensitive ANWR ecological system. A central question therefore may be how much oil is there in the ANWR to warrant an exploration?

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