analyzing and synthesizing ideas

analyzing and synthesizing ideas

Importance of writing about food

There had been exhaustive researches in many fields with successful findings and recommendations and books had been written but there have been rarely any research and writing about food and cooking. Sollisch notes that, “I would be learning to use a lathe. I preferred lasagna” (1). Cooking brings about human freedom and the ability to express about cooking in writing for reading purposes. This made writings and researches about food important and as source of liberty to humanity hence writing about food is important Ruhlman Michael (4). Food writing has had effect on human interaction in the past through sharing of ideas and it was the back bone of human survival to ensure survival of the generations. Writing about food and cooking is important since this could help to solve some of the problems surrounding humanity as well as increasing social interaction amongst them.

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Human beings had been to have the ability to explore about food and cooking, a carrier which have been previously known to be feminine and the female learners were expected to take home economics class as stated by Sollisch in his report, “I was into eating and sports, but…” (1). analyzing and synthesizing ideas Masculine society despite having the interest and ability to learn the food and nutrition field were denied the chance and were only allowed after protest and forcefully acceptance from the school administration. This indicated the ability of the male learners to explore in the kitchen affairs and the potential to work better in cooking.

As Ruhlman (1) had stated, it was important to write about food as any other literal material in order to encourage researches and exploration of cooking.  Hence, this brought the broad need to encourage writers and researchers to find out more in the cooking carriers and food.  It was important for the parents to encourage the male learners who had interest in cooking to allow them to have cooking classes just as the girls had done.

According Ruhlman (1), just as there have been extensive researches on the environmental management and the effects of pollution to the human health, it is important to conduct researches on food and human health and cooking itself. There are diverse and range of importance to write about food  one of the being the aesthetic pleasure of cooking as the one experienced by Sollisch (1) during his high school days and to consumer advocacy.

Ruhlman (1) in his statement “how our world is changed by the way we grow and cook food”  explained how a range of authors have explored the effects of food cooking , distribution and eating to human culture and change, and revealed out that food  was an agent of cultural change and exchange of cultures between different societies.analyzing and synthesizing ideas  Such classes would help to broaden the researches on the human health and the causes of different health issues and how food can help to solve these problems as Ruhlman (1) had stated that the children were born without diabetes of obesity only to develop such diseases later in life.

There was need to appreciate the abilities that different human possessed about cooking and allow  them to explore and experiment using food on the effects of consumption a particular type of food the reproduction and well being of the future generations.  Sollisch (1) learnt the magic of “onions sweetened by fire and flour transformed by yeast” after the male were allowed to attend the home economics class which was previously dominated by females.analyzing and synthesizing ideas This of course justified the need of writing about food since this was not an invention in the cooking carrier yet there was no female who had reported on this previously since they could have used the chance to have their art of work appreciated.

As human beings we needed to accept the fact that we had the ability to cook and it had facilitated the occurrence of important part of the historic times like Ruhlman (1), had quoted the works of journalist Annia Ciezadlo, ‘The Day of Honey: A Memoir of Food, Love and War’ where she had denoted that food caning had facilitated the Great War and the history of England with the invention of root food crops.  Sollisch Jim (1) had learnt from the experiences that the sizeable cloves of garlic of uniform size were the best to use in making the blue cheese dressing.  Human beings had enough reasons to appreciate the fact that they were the only organisms in the planet that had the ability to select, prepare and cook food.

Sollisch (1) had stated that it was important to discover something new in cooking and to understand the relationship between nutrition and health, as he had opposed the idea of Pollan Michael in the book ‘Cooked: A Natural History of Transformation’ who had suggested that boys and girls should be added more time in school while learning how to cook.analyzing and synthesizing ideas By block the learners from exploring in cooking would hinder them from developing in their talents as Sollisch (1) had stated that he started cooking as civil disobedience in school, which he had developed into a carrier later in his life.

Ruhlman (1) said that it was important to write about food since it needed no justifications as any other writing would require since food was and is still an important requirement for the survival of human beings.  By discovering new food and cooking methods the human beings were able to understand the causes of food shortages and how to control it using the best and effective method in cooking food.

Ruhlman asserts that, “think about food obsessively until it starts making us sick”  from this  he had argued out that it was important to think about food since we only look at it when we develop illnesses related to food (1). analyzing and synthesizing ideas There was a need to understand the causative agents of some diseases instead of looking at the food as the problem itself, as some of the nutritionist urges some patients to avoid the most important foods in the body.

He argued out that it was important to consider the method of food production since it affected the quality of food consumed and the pollution of environment hence further still destroying the reared animals for food and the growing food crops. Sollisch (1) had opposed the ideas of the Pollan Michael, a writer who in his book had suggested that, as a way of reducing obesity, people should be encouraged to consume domestic cooked food which he assumed had low protein and calories.

Although the ideas of Michael Pollan suggested that fast foods were the cause of obesity from the urban centers, it was of importance to research of the cause of obesity apart from associating it with fat foods. However, Sollisch further justified the understanding of “health as a product of good cooking skills” whereby human beings were defined with cooked food (1).analyzing and synthesizing ideas Hence it was important as human beings to understand how to share the ideas of cooking food since food was more form of currency.  Extensive writing could have encouraged the increased interest in cooking and discovery of new ways to solve diseases such as obesity and diabetes using methods of cooking and food.


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