Affirmative Action and Equal Employment Opportunities

Affirmative Action and Equal Employment Opportunities


Both the affirmative action and equal employment opportunities are principles dedicated to bring on board fairness. More to that affirmative action deals with past injustices perpetrated to certain people in the population. Some of the most discriminated people in the hiring arena are the minority groups such as the Hispanics, Native Indians, and Blacks and Asian in the United States, others are physically challenged people and females. Therefore, affirmative action is a cure of addressing past discrimination and malpractices. On the other hand, equal employment opportunity tries to shield people applying for jobs, competing for promotion, seeking professional or training development have level playing field regardless of the race, tribe or males-females orientation of the applicant (Nathanson, 1997). It is thus imperative for a country that seeks to unlock its populace potential to treat citizen equally by offering them equal and fair opportunity to all.

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