advertising campaign Strategies


I am targeting the media/ PR/ advertising industry with a specific focus on the job of an event planner. advertising campaign Strategies The IRP I have opted to submit for this industry and the targeted job is a campaign strategy for an event. A campaign strategy in event planning is a document detailing the event and how event planning will approach the market (Ramsborg, Miller, Breiter, Reed, & Rushing, 2008).   I have chosen this IRP because it explains the basic engagement of an event planner in their day to day activity. An event planner is mainly tasked with taking a critical look at the market and aligning events with the market.

advertising campaign Strategies

The campaign strategy details how an event planner will plan and promote the event, setting out the objectives of the event, the audience, and the marketing strategy that will be used (Ramsborg et al., 2008). It shows a clear understanding of the job and the market, including the ability of the event planner to work with others in making the event a success. It does not only show the academic skills of the event planner but his or her conceptualization of the market as a whole where the event planner has to liaise with others, and most important the media, to make the event a success.

advertising campaign Strategies

Therefore, an event campaign strategy is the single most important document that can show how a competent an event planner is.  Through this event campaign strategy, I am bringing into this job my qualifications that show my competent in becoming an event planner for Century Venues Group. It shows that I understand all the details of event planning and can plan and execute an event if given the opportunity to work as an event planner for the company. Therefore, this IRP is the most important proof of my qualifications for the job of an event planner.

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