Accounting Graduate IT Skills Required

    • Introduction

In the current business environment, managers and employers seek to improve their human resources in order to improve the performance levels of their organizations. As a result, employees and managers recruit employees with the required skills, experience and knowledge. Basically, employees play a very important role in determining organizational performance and their performance is determined by the quality of skills and knowledge they possess (Rosa and Hakim 2016). In accounting, employees are not exception as they are expected to possess the required information technology skills and knowledge to meet the desires and expectations of their managers and employer

Most managers invest heavily on innovation and employee training on information technology to ensure that their employees have a wide range of skills and knowledge to address the prevailing challenges as well as introducing new innovations in their organizations. However, accounting employers and managers find that university programs do not adequately offer graduates with the required information technology skills to narrow the knowledge gap in education institutions (Shamsuddin, Ibrahim and Ghazali 2015; Mazuki, Rizal and Chong 2007; Marriott and Marriott 2003).

Due to this knowledge gap, a large number of accounting graduates are employed in areas which are far from their expectations. The employability of graduates in accounting positions and their performance levels depends on the fit of their acquired information technology skills as well as the skills required by their job positions. According to Jackling and Lange (2009) the mismatch between the acquired and demanded information technology skills in the accounting field contribute to negative perceptions of employers of accounting graduate skills resulting to demotivation and low employment rate in the field.

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No. Skills competence level required to get employment at entry level 1 2 3 4 5
1. Risk analysis
2. Critical thinking
3. Problem solving and decision making
4. Thinking and behaving ethically
5. Information technology
6. Information systems planning and strategy
7. Communications software