A Personal Experience that Helped in Discovering a Principal to Live By

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A Personal Experience that Helped in Discovering a Principal to Live By

Making firm decisions in life is very important. One day I was confronted by a situation that required firm decision. Racism is a dangerous aspect not only among the Americans but also among other people across the world. Many people are suffering because of this vice. One day I arranged a date with my partner where we meet at a certain restaurant in the city and discussed a lot about our lives. After having our time together I decided to go home since I had other things to attend to before the day ends. As I was walking along the road, my minds were completely filled with his thoughts to the extent that I didn’t notice a speeding car from behind had lost direction due to mechanical problems and was heading in my direction. I found myself in a hospital ward after about one hour and some sisters in white lobes were beside me. I could not figure out what happened. I was badly injured but the nurses were gently attending to mu wounds.  I grew in an environment where racism was very pronounced. The people around me made me realize that you can only depend on the Americans for help. However, beside my ward bed there was no American as all of them were Asians and Africans. The hospital was not classy according to what I gathered after regaining consciousness. I gathered from the nurses that I was taken by some good Samaritans from the accident scene and admitted to that hospital as I was in a critical condition. One Christian African doctor consoled me and promised to provide me with everything I wanted. Since the amount of money I had at the moment could not settle the hospital bill, I requested them a phone and called my father. My father was very worried when he learned that I was in the hospital and arrived a few minutes later. The officer in charge of the hospital was very kind and loving. To my surprise, he charged a reasonable amount of money and promised to take care of my wounds even after I was discharged.

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